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With the interchangeable base and ground stake, this projection light projector is ideal for use both indoor and outdoor, and it is designed with a weather-resistant housing for protection against the elements and all year round use. It also comes with an indoor base so that if you’re partying inside your home, you can just attach it and enjoy the light show inside. Pro tip: You can score 9 percent cash back from BeFrugal! Although it only has three colors you can get up to 7 different combinations and a sparkling effect. I decided not to serve any alcohol until three o’clock. Also, adjusting the rotating speed is fast and easy using the remote control which also allows for sound activated modes. The plug-n-play installation makes this a hassle-free light projector to set up, and it allows you to choose between still and dancing light options. If you don’t mind waiting for a little longer, or paying for shipping, Homebase and Wayfair are great options too. Before I get too into how this is a great gift for long-distance families, I should warn you that Amazon has made it hard to buy one for the holidays. Now you should not have any difficulties finding the perfect light projector to use for your home decorations in the next festive season because you will still have a great light regardless of what you choose from the 10 above.

The variety of patterns to choose from mean that this projector will not only provide various Christmas decoration options but will also be ideal for many other occasions. It is also a sturdy projector made with ABS and plastic materials, and it is designed to be completely weatherproof to make it ideal for use all year round. Landscape laser lights and outdoor laser lighting is an ideal lighting solution when you want to achieve over the top dramatic lighting effects. Not only is it kid-safe because it doesn’t overheat and won’t burn their little hands if they touch it, but it is built as an educational tool on top of a wicked cool night light. Their 14 switchable slides/pattern lights for an outdoor light projector come in all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Christmas is that time of the year when friends and families come together to share the joy that comes with the season and reminisce about the good times of the past year. Each shop is sold separately, and the price does stack up if you want to collect all three, but the role-play aspect kept our testers busy for hours and the reusability of the cute characters make them a good buy alone.

Check Price on Amazon You can get rid of tangled cables of the regular decoration lights by using this premium quality laser light projector. The dynamic red and green laser light effect that you get from this projector is enough to provide top-notch outdoor decoration for Christmas, and also for enhancing other decors. This is because many of these laser light projectors come with various color options, motion effects, and even sound feature. Using state-of-the-art internal laser diodes and temperature heat sink controllers, our laser projectors will cast thousands of pinpoint laser dots instantly with hassle free maintenance for years to come. Your kiddos will love this projector lamp! Generally, this night lamp projector is easy to use, and with a noise rating of 30dB, you will hardly even hear it when in operation. That way, it makes each Christmas season even more festive. Although it is more a neutral winter design than a festive Christmas design, I actually prefer this more refined look to the green and red laser myself. You can also use this laser light for indoor decoration.

Within 2-3 seconds, you can set up the light for the birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, motion christmas lights or even Christmas. The projector can also light up on any flat surface like dance floor or on the wall making it even funnier and more joyful for the occasion. You can decorate both the interior. And they can be set on motion or stationary. You’re not limited to the standard solid-white or multicolor options that blink on and off-you can create a pulsating glow, or alternating flickers of different colors, or even a scrolling motion with the colors of your favorite sports team. These colors will be in wave motion patterns. This will redirect you to Google Play. The Glow comes with actual plastic shape pieces to play with, which are read by the projector and software, so the game knows where the kid is placing the shapes. Christmas light projectors play a fun part in adding some style and taste for some extra effects indoor and outdoor. And please let us know what you think about these light projectors in the comments section below. You will get 18 creative holiday patterns in this RGB Laser light.